Me Made May 2018

‘I, Jenny of @jennystitched and, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear a minimum of 1 handmade item per day and to document it daily on instagram so I can see how many of my makes actually get worn!

This is my very first Me Made May although Zoe of So, Zo, what do you know has been running it for several years now. Whilst I don’t think I have enough handmade items to avoid outfit repeats, I want to use this month as a time to review what I’m actually wearing and what I’m ignoring on a day to day basis. I already do wear some my memades pretty regularly but I don’t like taking photos of myself, so for me the daily documentation aspect of the challenge is the part I’m least looking forward to!

I’m finding as I get a little older that I want more and more to have a better defined style. At heart I am very much a jeans and tshirt kinda girl, as I’ve mentioned before, but that can still be stylish – but at the moment I just feel like a big frump. 😦

For my birthday last year my partner bought me The Curated Closet and I’ve barely started it. One of the first exercises is to document with photos your daily outfits and then use these to analyse shapes, colours, styles etc. As part of my pledge is to take daily photos,hopefully I can use these to work on The Curated Closet and find a more clear idea of my own style.

I’m going to do a daily update on instagram via stories and I’ll be doing a weekly round-up on instagram and here too. If anyone has any really good tips for tracking outfits for Me Made May, please let me know – I remember from last year a few people had charts or spreadsheets so any tips will be appreciated!


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