May sewing plans

*sigh* April. I didn’t sit and sew a stitch until the month was almost over. This was partially because the first few weekends of the month were very busy but also I found that the longer I left it, the more overwhelmed I felt by starting anything. Do you guys ever feel like that? I have found that when I get like that I just have to force myself to sit and do something but it takes a while to persuade myself!

May is a slightly less busy month plus there are 2 long weekends and a few extra days off work so I feel like I can make a slightly longer list of plans than normal:

  • finish Hayden’s waistcoat. This will only take a few more hours and a buckle to finish it so I’m confident I can get this finished by June!
  • make some Closet Case Sasha trousers. This was part of my plan for April but I just didn’t get round to it. I do want some lighter trousers for work for the (hopefully) warmer months and the cropped length with pockets would be my perfect pair.
  • make a new ironing board cover. The current one is looking tatty and I ironed interfacing into it the other day so could do with a new one. I already have stash fabric in mind. Suggestions for good tutorials would be appreciated!
  • alter a pair of trousers for Hayden. He asked me ages ago and I forgot. They just need the hems letting down as he is quite tall so it should be a quick job.
  • alter a t-shirt for me. I made a Lark tee but I don’t like the length of the sleeves in the print I have used, but I think I would wear it more with a shorter sleeve length.
  • catch up on some blogs. I know I roll this one out most months but I have a backlog of things I really want to share and just need to find a clear enough day to photograph them!

April in review

You can probably tell from the list above that I didn’t get anything done last month. I did fit the waistcoat for Hayden and cut that out so I did make some progress, but everything else was largely untouched. I did however start sorting my stash out and have managed to eliminate an entire box as well as a pile of patterns – I was able to sell a few things and have relegated a bin bag of scraps to recycling. I would like to sell a few more pieces of fabric and patterns by the end of the month. I also didn’t make a chair cushion for the sewing room. It’s not urgent, but it would be nice! I did go to the Tilly and the Buttons pop-up fabric shop with Rudy and Sam though and of course we ended up on Goldhawk Road – I was very good and didn’t buy anything!

2 thoughts on “May sewing plans

  1. Diana says:

    Yes! I feel the same! Time is always tight for us sewers. It is time consuming I admit, but I’ll try to squeeze it in anyway possible. At least you have your plans written out and organized, I feel I juggle plans for now. Good post!

    Liked by 1 person

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